Why does the church need my pledge?

Every budget is based on projected income.  Knowing the amount of finances that will be available aids the Construction Team in their planning and it provides a target date as to when actual construction can begin.


How much should I pledge?

While everyone is encouraged to give, the amount of your pledge is entirely between you and the Lord.  Pray about your pledge and then simply respond in faith and obedience.  Our motto has been “Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.”



How do I make a pledge?

Pledge cards are available at our entrances or in the church office.  Fill out the pledge card, put it into a sealed envelope, and then place the envelope in the offering plate during one of our regular services.


Who will see my pledge?

All sealed envelopes are given to our Follow Up Director (Jeff Blevins) who will add your pledged amount to the overall total number of pledges.  Your pledge card will then be discarded.


Will I receive an invoice for my pledge?

The fulfillment of your pledge is entirely between you and the Lord.  No invoice or billing statement will be sent.


How long will I be expected to pledge?

The pledge is a three year commitment.  While some may choose to give a one-time gift that reflects a three year total, most will give monthly towards their pledge amounts.


Is my pledge also considered a part of my regular tithes and offerings?

Your pledge is above what you currently give in tithes and offerings.  Our weekly offerings help us meet the budgeted ministry and mission needs of our church.  While a new facility is part of the greater vision, we remain committed to engage in ongoing outreach.


How do I fulfill my pledge?

Specially designed envelopes for the building project are available at our entrances and church office.  Put your offering in the envelope, fill out the requested information on the front, and place the envelope in the offering plate.  You also may choose to give online: and click “give” at the top of the page.  Designate your gift to the construction project.  All gifts are tax deductible.


What if I am unable to fulfill my pledge?

Unforeseen circumstances, such as extended sickness, loss or change of jobs, or unexpected debt, may make it necessary for you to reevaluate your pledge amount.  You may choose to suspend your pledge until financial stability is regained, extend your pledge beyond the three year commitment, or submit a new pledge amount that reflects your current income.


Can of I give more once my pledge is fulfilled?

Absolutely!  The estimated cost of the building project is 2.2 million dollars.  Once we receive one million dollars, we will begin the construction process.  We anticipate borrowing the other necessary funds and will need additional resources to fulfill those financial obligations.


Can I contribute with other means than financial resources?

Yes.  While most people will make sacrificial adjustments to their annual budgets, others may choose to donate land, vehicles, houses, jewelry, or any other number of items.  The value of these gifts are tax deductible.



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