The Book of Galatians

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September 2017-Present

Join us as we study through the Book of Galatians. In this study we will be reminded to live by faith and not by works. Jesus' death, burial and resurrection was enough to secure our salvation.

The Gospel of Luke

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November 2015- September 2017

Join us as we study through the Gospel of Luke. We will look at Jesus as the Son of Man, a savior that was fully human and fully God. Luke reminds us that Jesus really lived, died and gained victory of sin and death.

Survey of the Old Testament


January 2015- October 2016

Join us as we survey the Old Testament on Wednesday nights. This section includes Pastor Ray's teaching notes, handouts as well as weekly quizzes to keep your knowledge sharp!

The Gospel Covenant

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September 2015- November 2015

This eight part study will cover elements found in our church covenant. Each week will contain a sermon covering a different bullet point. This is a great time to be reminded of our mission and our core values!

The Book of Revelation

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November 2014- August 2015

Join with us as we study through the book of Revelation. This study led by Pastor Ray focuses on Jesus and how the end of days revolve around Him and His return.

The Church and Covenant

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October 2014- November 2014

Pastor Ray spends several weeks discussing the topic of "covenant" and how the Lord makes covenant with His people. In this study Pastor Ray challenges the congregation to enter into covenant with each other to serve the kingdom as a unified body.

The Book of Genesis

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January 2014- October 2014

Join us in the nineteen part study of the book of Genesis. Pastor Ray focuses on the first part of Genesis including teaching about creation, the fall of man and much more!

Christian Essentials

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November 2013- December 2013

Pastor Ray teaches through basic Christian Essentials that believers need to know and hear. Join us in this nine part study as we journey to deepen our faith and understanding of Jesus!

The Book of Numbers

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January 2013- October 2013

The body of Coral Hill spent many months studying through the book of Numbers. As we journeyed through this incredible book we discovered story after story that points to our resurrected Lord. This is definitely a study worth investing in!


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8:00AM | 9:30AM | 11:00AM